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Use this toolkit to promote ICDD 2019 through your organization, social media profiles, personal website or conferences presentations. Help us spread the word about the Congress so your colleagues and students can join you in Madrid!

*Due to CME/CPD accreditation criteria, these promotional meeting banners can solely be used to promote the scientific/educational meeting.


You can download the Official banner of the ICDD 2019 Congress


We provide the poster of ICDD 2019 Congress:


You can download the official slide presentations of the ICDD 2019 Congress to use in your upcoming conferences, talks and sessions.


Madrid and its surroundings

In addition to the provincial capital and the region of Granada, there are a number of towns historically linked to the city of the Alhambra. These towns share its rich heritage and are located in the town’s so-called green belt, surrounded by carefully tended gardens and green spaces. Some municipalities have played a crucial role in world history and culture, such as Santa Fe, a town created by the Catholic Kings to besiege Granada and where the Capitulations for the discovery of the Americas were signed by Christopher Columbus. Another example is Fuente Vaqueros, the birthplace of Federico García Lorca, one o

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