WADD Committee
  • Prof. Pedro Ruiz
    Prof. Pedro Ruiz

    President of WADD
    From Addiction to Dual Disorder

  • Dr. Nestor Szerman
    Dr. Nestor Szerman

    President of the Congress ICDD 2019, Vice-President of the WADD
    Precision Psychiatry and Dual Disorders

  • Prof. Icro Maremmani
    Prof. Icro Maremmani

    Secretary of WADD
    Aggressiveness in Opioid Addicts

  • Prof. Marta Torrens
    Prof. Marta Torrens

    Treasurer of WADD
    Women and Dual Depression

SEPD Executive Committee
  • Prof. Miguel Casas
    Prof. Miguel Casas

    President of the SEPD
    Self Medication, Cocaine and Dual Disorders

  • Dr. Carlos Roncero
    Dr. Carlos Roncero

    Vicepresident of SEPD
    Sleep and Dual Disorders

  • Dr. Pablo Vega Astudillo
    Dr. Pablo Vega Astudillo

    Secretary of SEPD
    Opioid Addiction and Hepatitis C

  • Dr. Ignacio Basurte
    Dr. Ignacio Basurte

    Institutional Relations of SEPD
    Behavioral Addictions and Dual Disorders

  • Dra. Lara Grau-López
    Dra. Lara Grau-López

    Treasurer of SEPD
    Medical Severity and Dual Disorders

  • Dr. José Martínez Raga
    Dr. José Martínez Raga

    Vicepresident and International Relations Coordinator of SEPD
    ADHD Dual and Stimulants

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